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Which is better, hundreds of THE BEST titles, or thousands of the best titles??? The 5200 vs. XEGS Debate


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1 hour ago, BIGHMW said:

Ray Kassar (the Warner-era) and Jack Tramiel (the Atari Corp.-era) would be very proud of all of you and of all of us for keeping the faith.

Sorry to break it to you (or any enthusiast), but the love of the artform was already corporatized and muddied, and made into a vehicle for profit.


I doubt he'd give a flying fuck. No corporation, no executive, is interested in nostalgia or cult-like folkery falling in love with product. Unless it can make them money. If not, dump it, move on to the next.

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14 minutes ago, BIGHMW said:

@Stephen I meant to end it with that, I didn't expect you guys to post afterwards. I was more expecting reactions rather than more posts. That was all it needed. Period.

I wouldn't worry about it. There are features on the board like ignore. No one uses it much. Their problem then.


And no one is being forced to read this thread. The power to not click on it is in everyone's hands. That people DO click on it and complain. Well. Makes no sense other than drama, hate, sense of control, miasmatic busywork.. They say idle hands.

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