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Season 12 ~ Week 11 ~ Silver Medal Pick


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14 hours ago, AtariSphinx said:

Same here!  Reminds me of my friends Zenith console TV growing up that was a bit larger than this one with a turn table on one side and a stereo tuner on the other.  The TV even had a Zoom feature to zoom in the picture (not very useful but so cool).

This is very close to the living room TV we had when I was younger.  The screenshots always bring back memories. 


Our TV had the Zoom feature and it was among the first TVs to have a remote control.  The remote was the size of a small brick and worked much better than modern remotes because it used sound rather than light to send the signal to the TV.  You could even change the channel from the next room.  The downside is it had fewer buttons: Power, Channel Up, Channel Down (no numeric channel buttons - but who needs them when there are only 5 channels), Zoom, Volume (toggled between four preset volume settings), and Mute.


Unfortunately, my parents were not gamers and wanted to use the fancy living room TV for watching television (go figure).  The Atari was relegated to a crappy black and white TV downstairs.  The interference was terrible anytime something with a motor was running (like a vacuum cleaner or washing machine).  We did eventually get a color TV for the Atari, but the first year or two was all B&W.

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Wizard of Wor: Rollage (100,000+)


This is a pretty boring way to play the game (see video), but it does get the job done. 


While I think the way I played this game is within the current set of rules, it would not upset me if we wanted to make a rule prohibiting the strategy I used in this game.








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I'm starting to feel pretty dang sure I can roll this one, which would be cool since I've never achieved rollage on any game in the HSC before, it's just a question of whether or not I'll be able to do that one lucky run before the end of the round. What's the minimum score needed to constitute rollage on this one @Vocelli?



In the meantime, here's a score update :)



Wizard of Wor (Game 1, B/B Difficulty): 79,300




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