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Get Lamp

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Another routine evening at the computer keyboard. You have watched two videos about chainsaw fails and read an interesting theory that certain politicians and people in power are actually hybrids of reptiles and space aliens. After reading that you wonder if you should keep surfing the web or indulge in some liquid refreshment.
You cannot see a drunk here.
You mix a strong gin and tonic. Halfway through your drink you are feeling better. It may be time for bed when the drink is finished.
You scroll down the screen and see the usual drivel. Whoever said that television is a vast wasteland had obviously never looked at the internet. One site seems to be out of the ordinary.
 “Get Lamp”  This seems to be some sort of video. Your gin and tonic beckons.
The video claims to be a documentary, but in reality it seems to be some kind of time machine that magically teleports you back more than 40 years to the early development of  text adventures. There are interviews with Scott Adams, Steve Meretzky and many others.
An hour and a half later you find yourself back in your chair. You feel a strange sense of nostalgic satisfaction. You have heard about time warps and wonder if you have just encountered one. Your gin and tonic is still there, but all the ice has melted.
You cannot see a lamp here.
Your friends at Atariage now know that they should watch the video “Get Lamp” which can be found at:

You now have a new ice cold gin and tonic.

The screen goes dark...


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I haven't seen it in ages, but I remember loving it.  I should watch again.  The thing that stuck out was when they showed an actual map of Zork. After that I didn't feel so bad about never finishing the game (or really, even getter very far).  As a complement to the documentary, definitely check out the Eaten By A Grue podcast. It's just about run its course now, I think they just have one more of Infocom's graphic games to go, but they played through every Infocom text adventure.  It's one of my favorite podcasts ever, it's great fun, and very well done (co-hosted by AA member @Savetz).

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