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Defender of the Crown Cart and Microcontroller?

First Spear

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21 minutes ago, 5-11under said:

That's an LTO board, by Joe Z. It's basically a processor that successfully pretends to be the EPROM... it can do all the regular EPROM things, and also permanent storage, fast multiplication, and more.


I only knew a little from the software perspective about JLP, never cracked open any carts I knew were JLP and definitely have not opened my LTO flashcarts.

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4 hours ago, First Spear said:

Can anyone comment on the choice for having a PIC24 inside the DoTC cart?




The microcontrollers of modern times are so fast that can replace easily programmable logic for interfacing to old consoles.


The PIC24 has enough pins to handle ALL of the Intellivision cartridge signals, and also it is speedy enough to respond in real time to the Intellivision CPU request.


Besides you get some bonuses not available when using programmable logic, like the multiplication, and division operations provided by LTO-Flash, along several other functions.


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