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Backfire Label Contest


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im not very good with photoshop, so ill just post my idea and let somebody submit it if they like it  


basically, i just see the Tabasco hot sauce label, but instead the label will read backfire in green.  


i tried to do it myself, but i dont know how to make text curve  


Try downloading the trial version of PhotoImpact 8 from www.ulead.com. It's got lots of powerful, easy to use tools for text and graphic manipulation, and it's much easier to learn than Photoshop. It's what I've used to make all of my labels so far.



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Agreed! Steve is doing great!


My current favs are those ultra-stylish works from Steve Engelhardt


Thanks Guys! I appreciate the compliments. I'm Looking forward to a label contest for "Robot City", Thomas! :) When was that going to be done again? ;) :D



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Holy jumping monkeys, the contest submissions look DAMN GOOD. I wish I could do something like this but it would end up looking like someone took puke and photoshopped it. :D Good job to all the people submittion their labels!!! :thumbsup:

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Holy cow! :o Thanks, Chad!


Hope nobody strips of my prize for revealing this, but the "space pilot cowering in the cockpit" is actually me, in my bathrobe, standing against a white wall. :D Paint Shop Pro is a beautiful, beautiful thing - good at covering up the fact that I am not a beautiful, beautiful thing!

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