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Intle: Wordle for Intellivision


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Came across a minor bug.

The check to prevent keypad #0 from being used if the word was already chosen:


            IF try_number = 0 AND #backtab(CUR_BTAB_POS) <> HYPHEN AND \
               word_chosen = 0 THEN

ran afoul of a quirk in IntyBASIC's macro processing and operator precedence.

After expanding CUR_BTAB_POS, the generated code performed the first AND

operation as if written (try_number = 0) AND HYPHEN ...

The result was that subsequent pressing of keypad #0 could replace the

chosen word with empty characters, leading to an unplayable game.

I've notified @nanochess


The work around, and general take away, is to be very excessive with use of parentheses

in complex conditionals, e.g.:


            IF (try_number = 0) AND ((#backtab(CUR_BTAB_POS)) <> HYPHEN) AND \
               (word_chosen = 0) THEN


The fix, v5.1, is attached.


I also took the opportunity to add some comments around the packed words,

for example changing


    PACK_WORD("A", "B", "A", "T", "E")

    PACK_WORD("A", "B", "A", "T", "E")   ' "ABATE"


for easier grepping of words (used only for curiosity sake,

and never, ever, to help play the game!)


Ideally we could write PACK_WORD("ABATE"), but then we would

need a substring or charAt feature in order to access the individual

letters.  Perhaps IntyBASIC already supports that and I'm unaware?


Finally, I encountered one of my more interesting games when testing this out,

in the attached gif.  Perhaps we need to rate this game "M for Mature".




intlev5.1.rom intlev5.1.bas

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