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Microsoft has discontinued all Xbox One consoles


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Considering that they weren't widely available throughout 2021, this isn't too surprising to hear. The evidence already told us that Microsoft was putting all their eggs in the Series X/S basket and had discontinued Xbox One production.


I'm glad to see Sony still producing the PS4 slim. Between the weaker sales performance of the Xbox One and pandemic related production constraints, Microsoft's move to focus on their next-gen console line makes a lot of sense. Especially at a time when the Series X/S systems are selling so well. But the PS4 was a huge sales hit, the PS5 remains difficult to buy (While the Series S at least seems relatively easy to locate), and widespread support for PS4 development looks set to continue through 2022 with little in the way of next-gen exclusives.


So it's nice to see Sony still offering it as a cheaper lower end option to the PS5 digital this year. Presumably it's not hindering PS5 production or it would've fallen by the wayside to retool production facilities for PS5 production (I assume their manufacturing facilities are able to produce as many PS5's as their vendors can supply components for right now), so as long as it continues to sell, there's little reason to pull the plug as of yet. 

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I mean, this shouldn't surprise anyone. 
Xbox One was released in the mid 2015's...the technology is outdated at this point.  I don't think I've seen a XONE in any stores over the last few months either.  

Anyone in the market for an Xbox console now will opt for a Series S or X.  


Journalists gotta be journalists with these misleading headlines. 


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That's because they are focusing more on manufacturing Xbox Series S consoles, especially for the All Access Program and Xcloud servers.


And it's paying off because more people are buying Series S's mainly for Game Pass.  But the Xbox One's are still supported online so they aren't completely dead (I still have mine).


Meanwhile Sony continues to build last-gen PS4's, so make of that as you will...



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17 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

My nephew still has his xbox one and plays with it in college.

I still have an Xbox One and use it regularly too.

The point is, Microsoft isn't cutting off support for the XONE, they're just simply not manufacturing any new ones.  The way the headline reads its almost like they're implying that Microsoft is killing off Xone consoles or something.


So unless you're hung up on getting a replacement Xbox One, there's no reason to keep manufacturing them as they are essentially redundant machines now that Series S and X are more available.

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I really hadn't though a whole lot about this. I have an Xbox One S and it's still playable, I can still get games for it (although without the enhancements that come with the Series S/X), and my library of games is fairly large enough to keep going for a good bit of time yet. I've also been going backward to the NES/SNES/Genesis, so this isn't really a concern for me. No desire to get the latest generation, either.

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With the backward compatibility of the Series X being full minus Kinect for Xbox One, having a Series X kind of feels like just having a newest model Xbox One rather than a separate console. Especially due to there being very few games that can't play on Xbox One also yet. Greak was one of the only games I saw in Gamestop that said Series X only, and that's still on PC too.

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