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What games were offered at launch for the Odyssey 2?


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The list from the above link shared the games below.   I am looking for the launch games that came out with the US Odyssey 2 Launch of Feb 1979.    I also see that Take the Money and Run 9412 was a 78 title?   


Speedway/Spinout/Crypologic 9400 (Pack-In)

Blackjack 9401

Football 9402

Armored Encounter/Sub Chase 9403

Bowling/Basketball 9404

Mathimagic/Echo 9405

Computer Intro 9406 (1979)

Matchmaker/Buzzword/Logix 9407

Baseball 9408

No 9409

Computer Golf 9410

Cosmic Conflict 9411


*Take the Money and Run 9812*

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On the side of the original O2 box is a blurb that shows the games available now. I would assume these would be launch games. They are…






Armored Encounter/Sub Chase



Introduction to Computer Programming


I read somewhere there were 8 launch games besides the pack-in so I bet these are it. 


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7 hours ago, metarog said:

In Europe it launched on Dec 78 but Feb 79 in the US.

Ah, interesting. For many years it was generally accepted that Odyssey 2 came out in 1978. Digging deeper out of curiosity, February 1979 is probably accurate, judging by U.S. patent and trademark records (I'm taking The Odyssey2 Homepage!'s word on this; I haven't looked them up myself). I also found a scan of a Feb. '79 issue of the British magazine Computing Today which, at the end of a review of the Bally Arcade, seems to back it up: "We have sketchy details of two other possibly similar products being announced in the U.S. (where the Bally Arcade sells for $300). Magnavox has its 'Odyssey 2', which has a full touch keyboard and two joysticks, and a plug-in cartridge system..."


However, The Odyssey2 Homepage! also has a scan of an ad for a Spokane, WA appliance/furniture store dated 12/15/1978 that features the Odyssey 2:




Feb. 1979 seems like the likeliest U.S. launch date based on [scant] available info, but it also seems possible it may not be definitive.

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