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crade - Intv, NES, FC et al


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Intellivision and NES are the systems I had growing up.  My cousins had this pirate 50 in 1 cart or something that had a bunch of great famicom exclusives on it that got me interested in fc carts once I discovered what they were.  My collection is disorganized to the point that I am kindof proud..  It reflects my life so well




full size






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Ok, time to have some fun..  Spotlights!

Cyberstar Educational (famicom unlicensed/pirate)..  So I believe I picked up this cart in Indonesia, although it is in Spanish Language



This cart is



This cart is a beast..  It's got a tonne of content in it..  I think it may be supposed to come with a full famiclone computer 

The main menu links to a bunch of sub menus.



the Programas menu has word and excel and calculators, g-basic a phone book app.. 


Apps I haven't seen before elsewhere that are integrated somewhat 

the Educativo menu has educational apps I haven't seen elsewhere either,

English teaching apps and simple games



The Artes menu has music apps



The videojeugos menu seems to have some custom games, including a terrible version of

solitaire that makes you drag every card up to the top after you solve it and

"apple chess" which sure looks like Reversi to me



PC Dos sure looks like such..  Although I don't have a keyboard to give it a decent test



The Tiro Y Deporte links to this "80 en 1" games menu

which, as far as I can tell in reality has duck hunt, track n field, f1 racing, soccer, and this columns pirate game by Hwang Shinnei 




So much to explore..  If anyone knows anything about the origins of this cart let me know!!




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This famicom cart is "The General's Son".

Another one I picked up in my travels.  It's published by Korean company Daou Infosys in 1992 




It is a fighting game..  Every character has a special move that you get by
pushing down + A + B, at the computer player spams the special move like mad

There is a map that you get to select who you fight against.

The graphics are good, but the gameplay is pretty unresponsive and it's not much fun to play.

Based on a Gangster movie of the same name.


This is the title screen.  Pretty swanky!



Gameplay shot of the Computer spamming the special move




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