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HSC19 (2022) R1: DONKEY KONG

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I'd assume I had access to one or both versions of Donkey Kong on the C64 as a teenager, but I never wrote down a personal best on that game. Probably I didn't find it very enjoyable and preferred a hundred other games. Thus I can't compare my 40++ year self with my 15 year self on this particular game. For many other entries though, I'd say nowadays I'm nowhere near my (still mediocre) PB:s set as a 14 year old.

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Welcome again everyone, nice to see so many players return for Action :thumbsup:


Will start up the round 2 POLL! tomorrow and we have until Monday 7th Feb to play as we're going for Monday's this season.


As well as hanging around on the bottom of the first screen try just surviving on the cement factory screen if you want some relaxation(!) and practice, also try jumping the oil barrel in the middle :)


first tables of the season

same scoring system as usual and keeping the bonus point for the top player on NTSC system #

1st  Deteacher       155,300  13pts #
 2nd  8BIT 1337         134,700  11pts

  3rd  graywest              112,200  10pts
  4th   McKong                        95,300  9pts
  5th   therealbountybob         90,600  9pts
  6th   AtariSphinx                  88,600  8pts
  7th   Gury                           73,000  8pts
  8th   Cafeman                     68,900  7pts
  9th   tompateus                  63,100  7pts
 10th   Atari8guy                   48,000  6pts
 11th   jblenkle                      47,000  6pts
 12th   carlsson                     42,900  5pts
 13th   Sikor                          38,700  5pts
 14th   devwebcl                    34,300  4pts
 15th   Caco                          31,300  4pts
 16th   Gazzabass                  30,100  3pts
 17th   Piotrus                        18,500  3pts
 18th   roadrunner                  17,400  2pts
 19th   chevymad                   14,500  2pts


Also McKong has set a new HSC record 248,100  (standard play not collecting everything) if anyone else wants to challenge him for this fire away!!

Edited by therealbountybob
Should have said Round 2 poll tomorrow not Round 2!!!
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New season, new players. I entered the description on atarionline.pl


Hej. Zostałem poproszony o reklamę kolejnego sezonu High Score Club na atariage.com Główny prowadzący therealbountybob zaprasza wszystkich - oryginalny sprzęt oraz emulatory.


Zabawa jest przednia. Nawet jak nie masz czasu pilnować całej rozgrywki, to warto choć raz zagrać w tytuł, na który zagłosują forumwicze. Wiem, że kilka osób z Polski z atarionline zagląda na forum.

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