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Gaming on iMac G3?


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3 hours ago, firebottle said:

eBay's A.I. hides auctions it deems too low in price when doing a "sold items" search.

Irrespective, the point is that the sales of the machine are not "always" $15-$50.  Pay my asking, make an offer, or bugger off.

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11 hours ago, bluejay said:

Isn’t $100 a bit high for a bare G4 tower? I see them for $15-50 all the time, depending on condition and whether it comes with keyboards or not. 

$100 seems to be the going rate for these (at least in my geographic location).  

Seems like vintage Macs are going up in price (Mac Classics average $100, mid 90's models are around $150, etc), but my biggest problem with them is that the vast majority need work done.  The majority that I see for sale are untested, or already booting up to a checkerboard pattern. 


Not a huge deal to fix, but the longer they sit, the worse the damage becomes.  The IIsi for example is notorious for the power supply leaking all over the board.  They certainly were not built to last.

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1 hour ago, bluejay said:

My point is, I don’t really see anyone wanting to buy a G4 tower for $100, just sayin’.


5 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

Pay my asking, make an offer, or bugger off.

Simple as.


And by "make an offer," I do not mean asking me to strip it of its drive and adapter to sell separately.

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