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Anyone have/remember "Gold Disk?" magazine type thing?


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As a kid back then, the local Commodore dealer in my Canadian town had a display called "The Gold Disk" and each issue was a focus on some topic. I specifically remember one issue that I should have bought was about raytracing. The raytracer used hires monochrome mode and the image on the back of the envelope or box had a picture of dithering shaded spheres. It may have been a Canada-only thing.


Thanks for reading this, I hope someone has heard of it or better, has them.





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I remember a company called "Gold Disk" that put out Amiga software, but nothing for the C-64 or C-128. They put out such programs as Professional Page, Professional Calc, Professional Draw series, Comic Setter, and Amiga Appetizer to name a few. Is this what the OP is remembering?



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I was just now looking on bombjack.org for something else, and found the Gold Disks the OP wanted. Look in the "disk image" section under Gold Disk, or;




Just click on that link. They have 16 of the gold disks available.


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I was a kid living in Oregon when Gold Disk came along, probably about...1985? I was on my second C64 (darned things weren't very reliable. At one time or another we replaced the power supply, the floppy drive, and the computer itself before my dad gave up and bought a stodgy old IBM box). 


Anyway, Gold disk: LOVED IT. I could hardly wait for the next monthly edition to arrive in the mail. I dabbled in Commodore's BASIC and there was always some programming advice. They also had at least one game, some other bits of articles and stuff, and they often had some practical application a 14yo wouldn't care about; word processing or home budgeting or something. It's amazing they could fit it all on one pathetic 5.25. 


I miss all that old primitive stuff -- the computer, a 300 baud modem, a daisy wheel printer that made excellent documents but sounded like a warzone, my buddy's VIC20 with tape drive. (Push play, walk down to the corner store to buy a Nehi, get back just in time to see your game finally loaded.)

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Found an auction of the disks, except Volume 2, which may have had the raytracer. Gold Disk 64 appears to have been a Canadian thing. What I remember is that the gold disk came in a box and the back of the box had an image of a sphere rendered in dithered monochromatic high resolution. So I will keep looking. Man I should have bought it back then.


Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 7.34.06 AM.png

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