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Battleship game


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Hi, this is my version of famous game battleship. I use batari basic to quickly develop game.
At start you can select 1 or 2 players using joystick left - right then press fire.
if you select 1 player you will play against computer.
Each player has a grid of 8x10 cells (player1 on the left) and 1 ship of 4 cells. 2 of 3 cells , 2 of 2 cells and 2 of 1 cell.
Move the cursor to select cells and press fire.
An empty cursor means that you have already shot on the selected cell.
if you hit the ship you have a bonus of another shot. 
In one player mode, to balance the poor AI of computer, this bonus will be lost when you reach four points.

The game has 128 differents random ships map
who reachs 16 points will win the game.

Regards Alberto



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