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Can you scrub Stella timeline with inputs recorded?


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I'm scrubbing back and forth in time with Stella, trying to find a very rare, hard to reproduce bug. 

A bug that only happens if I hit the right input on the right frame, and I'm trying to find out what that is.

Ah ha! I finally get my bug to appear! So I break into the debugger and step back through time until I see the frame before the bug appears. But then when I step forward the bug never appears because as I step through I'm not hitting any inputs, let alone the right input on the right frame.

So is there a way I can step backwards and forwards in Stella and have it re-enter the same button presses, etc. on the same frame? Like an input recording option?


Or, whenever any of you are faced with a hard-to-repro bug like this, do you have another method of attack, if input recording is impossible?


Any tips appreciated! Thanks!

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