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Dumb question about FC twin but please advise

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Eventually yes, they'll need to be replaced. They generally use standard CR2032 batteries so they shouldn't be any difficult to find. However, funnily enough, I've found that NES cartridges have the longest lasting save batteries than any other system's. Oh, and just so you know, if that battery runs out, you're losing your saves. The same will happen when you disconnect the battery to replace it, unless you put in the work to make sure that power to the save RAM isn't lost while you're replacing the battery.

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What he said, they can fail, eventually they will fail.


It's weird I've rarely outside of the unavoidable pokemon cart with the battery chewing real time clock have had yet one to fail.  I've got a few with low voltage, but a little playtime seems to perk those up.  Yet despite all that, the oldest one is the original Zelda, a cart I have had since the day it arrived, and it still retains data which is crazy as that was from 1987.

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