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Lynx High Score Club 2021 Mini Season: Round 12 - Raiden

Rick Dangerous

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Atari Lynx High Score Club- Mini Season: Round 12



This round we play Raiden


Round Over: Sunday February 20th 11:59pm EST (2/20/2022) ROUND COMPLETE





Link to manual scan:


No Scan Found


Settings - Raiden: Default


HSC Record: Raiden
StijnDW (27,230)


Add your Score from Raiden!  Please put your score in text in your post please, make my life a little easier.  

Raiden scores:


1. jgkspsx                   254,610. +10

2. sdrake                      90,440.  +8

3. Rick Dangerous         85,420.  +6

4. doctor_shred             37,930.  +4

5. neogeo1982                6,120.  +2







Current season point standings -


1. Rick Dangerous              68

2. doctor_shred                  64

3. jeremiahjt                      49

4. nightmonkeyii                 43

5. sdrake                           32

5. jgkspsx                          32

6. neogeo1982                   27

7. Mr.JT                             15

7. AtariSphinx                    15

8. roadrunner                     11

9. tripled79                        10

10. Songbird                       9

11. jblenkle                         2

12. Peyo                             1



Any corrections please post! 

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On 2/2/2022 at 7:14 PM, jeremiahjt said:

Another one I do not have. This is one I have been wanting for a while though. Must avoid pulling the trigger on another game right now.

You have the Lynx SD cart?  You can also play it in an emulator.  The SD cart is a "must buy" though. 

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2 minutes ago, DavidD said:

Ah, the memories... er, who are/were you there?

Apparently the same username as here! As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, an unpronounceable string of consonants. I think I had a different one for a while but I no longer recall what.

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It’s virtually impossible to recover after you die in this one, even moreso than normal Raiden. So don’t die :) 


63650 for me, not done yet.



Here’s a tip to make it a lot more fun: bomb the first powerup gunship. It’s very difficult to take it down otherwise. But you need that powerup, and while bombs are important to conserve, this one is worth it. (This is the only version of Raiden where the first gunship isn’t a gimme.)


Usually you want to avoid the laser in stage 1 in Raiden, but it actually seems to work even better than the spread shot, because the game is so slow. You can easily lay down curtain fire across the screen so most of the time there are zero enemies on screen.

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