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Push n pull spinner Discs of Tron


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I purchased the GRS push n pull spinner. I have been trying map the up and down aim for the game Discs of Tron. I was able to map everything but the up and down aim. Is there a trick to mapping these to button presses on the in game configuration tab?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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My spinner is a standard one - no push/pull.  


Do you know how the push/pull spinner "detects" the up/down movement?  I assume it's some kind of microswitch arrangement but is it 2 separate switches or a single switch? 


In the case of 2 switches, one would be closed for "up" and the other would be closed for "down".


I can also imagine a scenario where there's only 1 switch that detects "down" when pressed and "up" when unpressed (for example.)  


Looking at the config window Floyd posted, it seems as though MAME is wanting to see 2 separate switches for up/down so if the spinner has only 1 switch it might not be straightforward to implement.  


If you haven't already, you might want to head over to arcadecontrols.com and ask those guys.  Be warned, nowadays that site is mostly just a small group of grumpy pricks arguing with each other and being condescending to newbies who ask for help but if there's a solution available then I guarantee somebody over there has figured it out. 

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