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Jumping At Shadows - WIP Platform Game from Reboot-Games


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Just saw the new video on You Tube.  Very nice work.  I like the teleporting very much and I get a chuckle every time the loading screen comes up (Releasing the fumes-breathe deep). ?  Love the work , keep it up!

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Status update on itch page:


- revamped UI

- new backdrops

- performance gains and RAM savings

- new sound FX (but no new video yet)

- posted some new screenshots


next: New baddies&levels ?


PS: Yes, there will be a demo....

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  • 4 weeks later...
1 minute ago, vrocko said:

Wow this is a cool platformer! I cannot wait for it to come out. How do you get games out so fast? I wish you guys were around when the Jag first came out. Maybe it would have lasted longer if it had more games like this!!


Thanks :)

We don't get games out fast.

Rebooteroids - 7 years in development / testing

Last Strike - 4 years in development / testing

Gravitic Mines - 2.5 years in development / testing


When they're done, they're still not done - thats when months of testing begins.


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