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HSC19 (2022) R2: H.E.R.O.

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Way to go oyamafamily and nads for already completing H.E.R.O. :thumbsup:


Here's the first table for this round; we have another week to play and the round 3 poll will start very soon! [OPEN]


HSC points will be shown next time I update this but it's more or less 12pts for 1st place down to 2pts for the bottom 2 places. Anyone completing the game will pick up a bonus point too ;-) If I missed anyone's score [my own!] let me know!



oyamafamily ---- 1,000,000
nads ------------- 1,000,000

McKong ------------  636,135
graywest ----------  178,055
8BIT 1337 ---------  130,850
tompateus --------- 102,030
therealbountybob--   97,780

Deteacher ----------  88,440
devwebcl -----------  80,805
Caco ---------------  67,260
Rogerpoco ---------  66,735
Sikor ---------------  62,300
Fres ----------------  51,405
MichaG ------------  48,250
Gazzabass --------  44,505
Shawn Jefferson --- 36,845
chevymad ---------- 36,320
Piotrus -------------- 30,300
carlsson ------------ 29,345
McKong Jr ---------- 17,155
Redthunder --------- 16,945


Speed Run (levels 1-4 in 1 man)
oyamafamily       20,350
8BIT 1337           20,350

nads                      20,310
therealbountybob   20,260
Deteacher              20,250
McKong                 20,120


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10 hours ago, Atari8guy said:

I’m not doing well either. For whatever reason I drop bombs by accidentally hitting down on the stick and then I don’t have enough bombs left to finish the level.

If you have one, try another joystick with more resistance, or desk mounted one perhaps.


btw my old DOS menu copy of HERO requires the Translator to run on my XE!

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