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FS: Fairchild Video Entertainment System (Channel F) - Videocart 29, The Arlasoft Collection


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5 hours ago, e5frog said:



I'm on schedule as per inital post. 


I actually ordered the badges yesterday, we're three that actually wanted one enough to pay for it.  ;)

Cool, Thanks!

I missed the summer 2022 estimate. I will look forward to it!

Wow only 3 buttons! Ultra, ultra, ultra R@Re now!

You can send mine with the new game if its easier and saves shipping.


Any chance you or anybody here has a spare original Saba system manual to part with?


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Box design done.

Instructions design done.

Label design done.

Cartridge data done.

Recent changes to the cartridge data results in no finished boards, need to de-/resolder the flashrom and reprogram the 16+ boards that were finished.
Not a big thing, it would have been fine without it, just wanted all of them to be the same and not release a different version half way through. 

I posted most of it here, choose "Fairchild and Zircon" and scroll down to VC29, click on letters for nice effects.

At the moment some details intentionally differ on those images compared to the real thing, "markers" if you will.

When actual items are done I will scan the real things and re-upload all of it. 

I ordered testprints today of the box, for color check. Looks really nice on screen, when converting to CMYK for printing there are sometimes unexpected results. 


Left to do:

Order and get prints of everything

solder all boards

clear out donor cartridges

cut, fold, glue and attach everything before packing and shipping out. 

Time wise it's in the printshop's hands - how much longer it will take. 

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