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Dicey Fantasy - a new tactical Rogue Like for Atari Lynx


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I guess it is time to showcase one of my next games.


Dicey Fantasy is a Rogue Like game, where you will have to lead a team of 3 heroes on a map, fight ennemies with a unique battle system based on dices, and defeat the final boss. But be careful, a defeat means the end of the game.


This first trailer based on alpha version showcase the team creation, a part of the first map and combats.

Choose wisely 3 heros among 15 characters, and start your adventure.



To progress, you will need to complete some dangerous areas (forests, dungeons, ...) with a succession of battles, until you defeat the boss of the area.


Tactital battles are based on many things :

  • The position : each character has a minimum and maximum distance for Melee and Distance attack, also, the character closer to the ennemies will take more damages, and heal potions only affects the hero and hi direct neighbours. So choose wisely how you put your team.
  • The queue : each hero/ennemy is activated based on the queue in the bottom of the screen, you can impact this queue with priorit die, or magic (you can change queue order or mute an ennemy). Be careful to not let a powerful enemy hurt to often...
  • The dices : you have 2 to 5 dices, and 3 rolls max. After each roll, every "missed die" are locked (you cannot reroll the dice), and you can select which dice you want to keep and which one you want to reroll. Be carefull, 3 "missed" die, and you lose your turn. So you will have to wisely welect which dice the hero will have in hand. Do you want more powerfull dice, but with lot of missed die, or more secure dices (for example, in the video, Lancelac has a dice that cannot giive a missed, so he will nevr get 3 missed). Of course, after each combat, you will earn dices, and will be able to maximise your hand. You will also be able to buy & sell dices.
  • The magic : there are to 20 spells to learn (in the alpha, Merlain knows all of them from start), they are really powerfull and can be used for creating nice combo (an example ? use Derivarum to put an ennemy closer to Lancelac and Duo Impetus to give Lancelac a stronger next Melee atack in order to kill the ennemy...). You will find spells and learn new magic spell during the game.


Other elements have impacts on the game:

  • Artefacts give hero a unique capacity, some heroes will have an artefact from the start, but you will be able to get other, and optimise an hero
  • Objects : they give permanent advantage (armour, power) or can be used for regaining health or magic points... They are categorised in different kind of items (weapons, armours & shields, potions, food, spells, keys...). Be carefull, each hero is limited in the number of objects of a different kind he can wear/have
  • Gold: well, gold is gold, it is useful to rest at inns, or buy usefull stuff. What about the Tourist in the roster ? The tourist start with nearly nothing but will have lot of gold to create a kind of unique hero depending on what will be available at the first shop you encounter...


But a video is probably more interesting than lots of words...



Now, what is the status of the game ?

It is still an alpha version, barely not suitable for a public demo yet. All the technical architecture has been done (this is invisible but believe me, without this, the game would simply be impossible to create)

As you can see, team selection is done, battles are 90% completed, map is 50% completed (we can move on map following tracks, activate bridges to go to other islands, ... ), characteristic sheet & inventory is 90% completed... Artefact, Magic are done


So what is missing ? Lot of things:

- Rewards: when you win an battle, you expect to get something in return, at least, I would expect if I was the player

- Objects effects: you can have/use/drop objects, but right now, they have no effect on character

- Inns, Shops, Wells: nothing is done yet

- others maps, I have only 1 yet

- other backgrounds

- maybe rework on sprites (and if RAM let me do it, animations)

- music : right now, chipper is active, but as I am very spare on RAM, it can only play very small music at least during battles, so an option would be to have 1 track per hero... I don't know

- debug of course

- balancing, this is an heavy work. Not all characteristics for heroes/ennemies/dices/list of possible encounters are defined yet, and it will be my greatest nightmare until the end of the game...



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18 hours ago, Turbo Laser Lynx said:

It looks great and like a lot of fun! I've been hoping for some sort of rogue-like for the Lynx. I like the colorful graphics and that the spells were in latin in the spellbook! "Dicey fantasy" lol.?

Yes, I like a lot "modern" Rogue Like with a strategic feeling like Slay the Spire, Darkest Dungeons, FTL, Dicey Dungons (but I also love classic Rogue Like)


This morning, I added the final possible die : Replay, which allow hero to play another turn immediately. Of course, it will be very rare. But a good magician can also invoke "Iterum Ludere" spell to give an hero (can be him) the privilege to play twice at his next turn (or replay immediately)


The name is not fixed yet, I just want a name that everyone can understand and pronounce. Seems like Ynxa was not my best idea :D

Way toying with something with Odicey inside but not sure it is nice...


And yes, the latin part of the spellbook was the most to make, more than coding them...

Here is the current list of spells, this can change in the future of course (and cost in Magic points will have to be balanced) :




Cost: 1 MP
Launch a fireball to an ennemy.




Cost: 2 MP
Create a shield for each hero.




Cost: 3 MP
Launch a flash of light that blind ennemies.
They lose all their priority.




Cost: 3 MP
Choose an hero.
Next distance attack will make twice damages.




Cost: 5 MP
Remove EXP Health Points to every ennemy.




Cost: 1 MP
Poison an enemy
He will lose Health Points at the end of each of his turns.




Cost: 2 MP
Heal a poisoned hero.




Cost: 3 MP
(act like a potion)




Cost: 4 MP
Don't play hero's  next turn, but all Health Points will be restored.



Cost: 5 MP
Resurrect a dead hero with 1/5 of health points.



Cost: 1 MP
Give 1 priority to an hero.



Cost: 2 MP
The enemy will not play next turn.




Cost: 0 MP
Don't play hero's  next turn, but all Magic Points will be restored.




Cost: 2 MP
Downgrade an enemy in final place of queue.



Cost: 3 MP
Place an hero just after you in queue.



Cost: 1 MP
Swap an enemy position with enemy in front of him.




Cost: 3 MP
Choose an hero.
Next melee attack will make twice damages.



Cost: 4 MP
The selected hero will play twice during his next turn.



Cost: 6 MP
All enemies will not play next turn.



Cost: 15 MP
Kill enemy.

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