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Season 12 ~ Week 15 ~ Challenge Week!!!


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Yars' Revenge - 321697


After losing the first life, I continued the game in the video to illustrate a BUG and the EASTER EGG.


Hitting a swirl mid-air is supposed to score 6000 points and earn an extra life.  However, if you hit the swirl too close to the top or bottom of the screen, the code apparently resets its position to the far right and just gives you  1000 points for hitting a Qotile in place.  In the round completed immediately following my first death (at 18:29 in the video), I hit the swirl mid-air, but the "Ghost of Yar" appears on the right edge of the screen.  My score went from 321697 to 324556 (less than 3000 points total) and the lives in reserve didn't increment from 8 to 9.


The next round (starting at 18:43) illustrates the Easter Egg.  See the comments on the YouTube video if you want specifics on how to trigger this.





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