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Atarimania top Atari ST games


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I think that would be great to be able to see more than top 100 games for Atari ST on atarimania site. It would be great if there would be option for showing like Top 300 or Top 500 games just like it is for Atari 8 bit line of computers. What do you guys think about that? Or even better searching by rating in advance search engine.




Is it possible to do?


Thank you in advance for your replies.

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What I see as bigger problem by ratings of games at atarimania is that it takes care only about average rating value, not about count of ratings for concrete title.  And can see it well at top of it: game Randomazer is on pos 3, with only 21 votes.  That's just not correct. There should be some minimal count for getting in top of top list. Like min count for top 10, for top 20 .... 

Idea about search by rating is not bad. But first should make those average/top ratings more real. How can some game get in top 3, just because it got some 20 high ratings, while I'm sure that most of Atari people even did not see it so far .. 

Very high early ratings are typical when something new appears on medias, market - as result of that they are mostly from people related with authors, or ... hmmm ...   At IMDB it is typical for low budget movies - they have unreal high ratings in first days, weeks, then it goes lower, sometimes a lot.


Btw. there are other sites with Atari ST game ratings.

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There are not enough visitors to the site to make a top 500 meaningful, it becomes about a difference of opinion between a handful of people voting. Common problem, IMDB's ratings for new movies are also useless for the same reason.


Me personally I like to browse by year for the early games and just pick out what I remember having/wanting/seeing reviewed etc. Nobody's top 100 will ever be the same as mine, depends what you expected from a home computer at any given point in time based on previous machine(s) owned and when you owned them (were they cutting edge, a brand new hobby only possible thanks to MOS/Motorola etc or bargain basement crap like getting a ZX Spectrum in 1991 lol).


I wouldn't piss on ANY Lucasfilm game that doesn't involve Loren Carpenter's Fractals, Secret of Monkey Island is the most over hyped piece of shit series I know and is nothing more than a PC XT VGA shitty port job. I can write Monkey Island in Blitz BASIC on my Amiga 1000. That shocks most Amigans but they can sod off, they should have done lovely 16bit ports of Rescue on Fractalus/Koronis Rift/Eidolon not this point and click crap just because they were a bunch of no talent 68k coders...not my problem :) 

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In my mind, a good game was good back in the day and still be good today.  It would have the means to engage the imagination such that less-than super fancy graphics and sound would not be detrimental to game play.  Of course, today there are many retro game players, many fairly young ,that grew up with PS3 and such graphics and yet they still go back to earlier games that had really good gameplay from the getgo.  The list that PLM linked to is not bad, but many of the 3D games just haven't worn well.  Same with sports games, but that being said I was never a fan of either or platform games too, so my list would be a bit different, but would include:


DM & CSB, Captive, Frontier Elite, the Ishar games, Time Bandits, Breach 1 & 2, Sundog, some of side-scrollers (not really a fan of schumps), Civ, Populous 1 & 2 and similar god games.  Basically, when a game utilizes a fair amount of tactical strategy, it is a winner even without next-gen graphics, games like C&C, Starcraft, and the like still play really well and in many ways better than the contemporary versions of today.  Dungeon crawlers too have fared well in spite of or because of games like Skyrim, whereas fast-paced FPS from the like of Doom and Duke Nukem are still games I go to over and over again, and they have big followings today!  The Breach games are really overlooked, they remind me of C&C, not quite as good, but there are not may TBS around these days.  And Frontier, is basically the same game as Dangerous but without needing a server and online, although that blue star field does take me out of the games way too much.  At any rate, just my selection and opinion FWIW.

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