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Word Guess - Wordle Port WIP


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Added version 1.2



- I changed the memory layout of SaveKey data so unfortunately anyone who has played version 1.1 will lose their progress (v1.1 only came out yesterday so hopefully this isn't a huge deal for anyone)

- Added the ability to clear all SaveKey data by holding reset and select and pressing fire 10 times.

- Current streak is now also saved on the SaveKey, so long as you don't press reset or turn off the console in the middle of a round - a key next to your streak indicates it's safe to turn off or reset.

- Current streak and best streak are now 4 digits instead of 2.

- When you reach your best streak, your streak turns yellow/gold.

- Pressing Reset now goes back to the title screen instead of resetting the gameplay screen.

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On 3/8/2022 at 3:55 AM, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Very good updates.:thumbsup:


I suppose the extra stats will follow?

Yup, I just added version 1.3 which adds the distribution on the title screen, complete with a bar graph. Use joystick left & right to switch between different stats.

It looks like this:



The only other change should be that the yellow is a different yellow.

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@CardboardBox, I just finished playing a round of your game and I loved it.  It was very fun!  Would you consider letting the finished puzzle stay on the screen until the player does something, say, presses the joystick button?  Give the person a chance to enjoy their victory for a moment or perhaps take a screenshot of it before moving on to start a new puzzle.  

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