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"Haunted House" Commented Disassembly


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Looking at the feasibility of an 8-bit port, I've been working on this.  Maybe helpful to others, I'm posting this with hopes that maybe someone else will pitch in and help me with it as well.  Perhaps someone will see familiar routines in there and instantly know what they do...


Lots of RAM locations labeled, some surely mistakenly.  There are lots of re-used and re-purposed bytes.  So this is a best-effort so far, by a non-2600 programmer.


As far as I know (and I've looked) this represents the most complete disassembly of this game to date.  It's still quite incomplete but it's a good start.  Note that I've removed a good deal of the cycle-count stuff, as for my purposes, I'd be doing my own 8-bit "kernel" anyways.


Mostly trying to figure out all the RAM variables and uses, hoping to decipher it's inner logic.  It does assemble back into the original ROM, of course.



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