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Wolfenstein 3D save game issue

Dean Odley

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I've seen an issue with Wolf 3D save games with the Gamedrive. I start a new game and move forward a few rooms and then save my progress into any of the save game slots. Then I restart the game with the "*" and "#" keys. Now if I select any of the save games in the menu it just starts at the very beginning of the game every time. I deleted the e2p file on the SD card and tried the whole procedure again but got the same behaviour. I also cleared the "cartridge" memory from the menu screen with "*, option + #" but the problem remains. Any ideas?

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Answering my own question here but it looks like the save game only includes the level number, ammo and health.

Loading a save from the middle of level 2 puts me back at the start of the level with the same health and ammo I entered the level with.

I confirmed this in an emulator. Seems a bit strange and only slightly more useful than the level warp cheat.

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