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Apple II WOZ files to real disks


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I'm always curious about copy protection and just found out how to use EDD on the Apple II and managed to write back some .woz file to real disks.
I also found the "Essential Data Duplicator Program Information List 4-7" PDF file to help me for some images.


Using AppleWin and Saltin's Super-Transcopy (SST), I was able to write back using the pack/unpack option in EDD.


To put it simple: (using 2 disk drives)

1- Run EDD in AppleWin and run SST
2- Put a woz file in drive 1 and blank image in drive 2
3- using the pack option, this will create multiple disks in standard format (when asked for a subsequent disk, click drive 2 and put another blank image)
4- Transfert the standard disks image using ADTPRO
5- On a real Apple, run SST and use the unpack option. This will read the multiple disks and write them to the 2nd disk

Now I took the liberty to transcript the content of the PDF file to a more readable result. I did a txt file along with an odt document with some formatting.
Due to the bad quality in some parts of the PDF, you will find some "???" as I have no idea what could be written there. I did my best to deduce a lot oh them but
I'm pretty sure, there might still contains mistake. See zip file attached.


Feel free to distribute, modify, update as you wish.


Thank you.




Essential Data Duplicator Program Information List 4-7.zip

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@Keatah Exactly. Some disks cannot be written back with a standard apple drive. Quarter tracks are to close to each other and the head has a tunnel erase to wipe before and after.


See picture taken from this site (Fig 10.4): https://flylib.com/books/en/


I'm wondering if we could fiddle with it and remove the tunnel erase!


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