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KIAI! The Carpenter Returns (Popeye Hack)


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KIAI! The Carpenter Returns


Kiai (気合?) is a Japanese martial arts term that refers to the externalization of bodily energy (see Wikipedia for more details, https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiai ).
In this sequel to The Carpenter ?, our hero arrives at his home planet in his spaceship, located at the center of Level 1 (see photo 02),you come across an old enemy of you and the planet's inhabitants, a bipedal reptilian creature that shoots fireballs, popularly known as B, the Terrible Lizard, who imprisoned his girlfriend in the upper levels. It's up to you to rescue her. The Carpenter now has a plastic hammer attached to his hat with a spring, which symbolizes one of his woodworking tools.
During all the levels, your girlfriend launches tools of her work, in the first level we have the speedhandle, in the second level the hacksaw and in the third the fixed key, which will guarantee the release of his girlfriend, better known in the kingdom as The Princess, see the crown above your head.
And don't forget, in each level you have the magic chalice of super strength, which will grant Carpenter invulnerability for a few seconds and can knock out B for a few moments.

Whenever the Carpenter punches to destroy the fireballs coming his way, he will yell KIAI!


Orange Carpenter and Red Carpenter

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_14-46-54.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_15-21-20.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_15-20-55.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_15-20-19.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_15-17-02.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_14-47-24.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_14-11-10.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_14-24-14.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_13-07-29.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_15-51-35.png

Captura de tela_2022-02-13_15-54-10.png


KIAI! The Carpenter Returns (Popeye Hack) (2022) (Alfredtdk).bin KIAI! The Carpenter Returns v. Red (Popeye Hack) (2022) (Alfredtdk).bin

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