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Opinions of WWF games?

Cobra Kai

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I'm truly interested in WWF Royal Rumble because it's from THQ, and I was curious if it is as good as their N64 wrestling games? The other one, WWF Attitude is from Acclaim, and their track record with wrestling isn't great, so my suspicion is that this is a lesser offering. I'm not really interested in the ECW Hardcore game on the system, just because I probably wouldn't know the roster.

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According to the book Wrestling with Pixels, WWF Royal Rumble was not as good as the N64 games or the PlayStation ones in terms of options or roster, and even graphics were not that much better, but it's a fun arcade game, especially with friends. WWF Attitude was not that bad actually, at least it was very popular, but had the same problem as War Zone; each wrestler has its own move list with specific controls, which makes it very tedious. The best wrestling games on Dreamcast are clearly the Japanese ones (Fire Pro, Giant Gram, etc.).

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None of the Dreamcast wrestling games are made by AKI, who made all the good N64 wrestling titles like WCW vs. nWo World Tour or Wrestlemania 2000. IMO those are the height of excellent wrestling titles, and it's a shame the Dreamcast missed out. 


OTOH, I really enjoyed WWF Attitude for what it was. It's more in line with the Smackdown games on the PS1. I believe WWF Attitude was on the PS1, for that matter. It was a super early Dreamcast game so the graphics aren't stellar, but at least the Dreamcast had perspective correction so there wasn't any warping like PS1 3D titles. 

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