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DIY HELP for Sega gen to 7800 adapter board

Resto Ron

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Hello all,

    I am new to AtariAge but not to Atari. I have 2 consoles of which I am the original owner. I have a 2600 6-switcher from when I was in junior high (yes I am that old) and I have a 7800 from when I was in high school. 

     I was not sure if there was a specific seeking help area or not. If so let me know and I will start a thread there.

     Like the title says I need some help in wiring the grips03 gen>78 board. I know where all the components go but the additional holes look like they are for jumpers or for the Atari controller side to redirect signal. I have already messaged grips03 and asked the same questions and I was told basically to figure it out. How does one learn without help in the beginning? So if anyone is feeling like helping out someone willing to learn I would deeply appreciate it. I have included pix of the board and the main questions I have. I just did a copy and paste of the message I sent to grips03.

              Thank you for reading and thank you for any help you can give.


                         Resto Ron




     First I want to thank yo for making your gen>78 board free to the public. So I have a couple of questions about this board. (First) is there a specific order of operations when building this (kit)? If so where can I find them? Second, are all of the smaller holes on the board supposed to be used for jumpers from that hole to the same number hole on the controller input side (or output side or something else)? Lastly if the second is correct then which of the two small holes are for number "5" because both holes seem equidistant from the number itself. If you have already posted instructions someplace or answered these questions I apologize, I did not find them.

            Again I thank you and for your time,

                  Resto Ron"

Screenshot (67).png

Screenshot (66).png

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2 minutes ago, Danjovic said:

The additional holes (with small diameter) are just vias to route the signals from one side of the board to the other. No need to solder anything on them.


Wow, that was easy. I feel dumb. I thank you for the help and super quick response. I am glad to see there are some people on AtariAge that are willing to help others out by sharing information.!!!


     Thanks again for the support.


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