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Atari Explorer Updated (1.6)


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Some small updates tonight, including a look at the ST Book FDD proto casing, a copy of the Atari Developers newsletter (.RSC) which officially announced the Falcon (contains mostly technical and programming info on GEM, AES etc), all the known commercial XE carts are listed with their respective cover pictures (and approximate rarity values).


Some small updates to copy within the XEGS, Jaguar and other misc. sections of the site, and last but not least, a link to the official Taito 25th Anniversary site for Space Invaders (its a milestone but it also makes me feel old...).


Much more to come, but these updates were ready and sitting on my hard drive, so I said, what the heck!


Thanks for all the feedback and support to date, it's much appreciated and makes it all worthwhile. Keep those Jaguar reviews coming in, see the AHS forums for more info, or the post in the AA Jaguar forums.




Karl @ AEX

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