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Using virtualjaguar for development


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9 hours ago, Sporadic said:

So in the JagStudio batch file, we use this;


start virtualjaguar %BUILDPATH%\%PROJECTNAME%.abs --alpine


Which starts VJ and auto loads the .abs . --alpine gives some of the extra Dev options

I checked JagStudio. Even though it adds ".abs" it is a .COF file.

When I change my "rln" option from "-n" to "-e" VJ loads it.



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4 hours ago, Chilly Willy said:

I use the current VJ Rx from github. It has support for debug info in the form of dwarf entries when you use elf format.


I used also. I have also cloned it, but the pity is, there is no description of the prerequisites needed. So building stopped. So I can't improve/fix it.

I will try building a ELF file.

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I generally look at the error message when the compile fails to see what is needed to add. For example, if it says something like it couldn't find sdl2gfx.h, you know you need to add the dev package for sdl2gfx. It usually fairly clear what was missing, and if it isn't, a quick google usually turns up which package has the missing thing in question.


Often, you can do a make distclean and then rerun configure. Configure will nearly always tell you when required packages are missing. But yes, dependencies for compiling SHOULD be in the readme or the wiki or wherever the build instructions are.


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