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Date/Time On Fujinet

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make sure it's online and you have an ntp server set, go to the web manager setup and make sure you have the time zone correct for where you live maybe?

APETIME and or compatible driver to keep the time for your DOS and programs use?





older information....

and some BBS help



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3 minutes ago, Paul Hocker said:


@mozzwald Thanks for the tip. I did find that setting. I guess I incorrectly assumed that it would connect to an time server and set it up automagically.

I does automagically connect to a time server when connected to wifi and sets the real time clock to UTC. If you set the time zone, it will change to your local time 

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Thanks all for this great thread. It helped me set up my Sparta DOS 3.2g disks to set time from their FujiNets! What a wonderful device and great community.



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