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Tominator's Collection: 82 Systems and Growing!


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My collection.  30+ years in the making.  Yes, these are dust proof, moisture proof tubs.  Most systems are not new, but I like to keep them dust free.


82 systems counting the vintage original systems and the modern minis / classics.  Not including the 20+ Plug and Play systems.  You could get technical and say an Atari 1040 STE and a Mega STE are essentially the same thing, but for the system count's sake, I did not group them.  I have not focused on handheld systems, but they have crept into the collection through awesome finds and trades.  And, yes, my chair is lame.  My father made the large toybox for my children when the first one was born, and I had it re-upolstered with Arcade Logo fabric when they got too old for a toybox.  It houses all kinds of extra cables and connectivity items required to get various systems working with various monitors or TVs.


For the monitors / TVs, I have a PS3 3D TV, a Dell MutiSync Monitor (for the Atari STs and Amiga), an Atari ST monochrome and an Atari ST color monitor, a 4K TV, a 215 pound Sony Trinitron WEGA TV and finally a Sharp curved CRT good for the light guns.


I have a broken Emerson Arcadia 2001 and Microvision, so they are counted in the total.  Next items that I'm still working to get:

Playstation 5

Xbox Series X

Philips CDi 

Emerson Arcadia 2001Gameboy Color

Amstrad 6128

Sinclair ZX Spectrum


I started my collection with unique vintage controllers and then modded controllers for various systems, then adapters or adapted controllers that allow just about any system to use any controller, then finally modded systems.  Not all systems are modded, but the vast majority of them have something that has modernized them in a user and game-library friendly way.  


Most Unique is probably the Amiga 1200 in a PC case with modern cooling, USB ports, CD32 capabilty, and Flash Drives.


Favorites:  The 800XL was my first computer and bought earning $3.10 an hour in a Target warehouse, so I am attached to it.  I still love the Super Nintendo's hand drawn sprite games. 


Thanks for letting me share!  



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