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Sky Blazer or Star Blazer? Which do you prefer?


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Everyone should remember the Br0derbund sideways shooter called Star Blazer. Besides the Atari 8-bit rigs, was it ported to any other system?


And there were four sub-versions I know of:

Apple II cassette titled Sky Blazer

Apple II disk version titled Sky Blazer

Atari disk version titled Sky Blazer

Apple II version renamed Star Blazer


I think this last iteration was the most popular one. At least it seemed to circulate in the WaReZ scene the most. It is labeled "Star_Blazer (fixed crack screen).do" in the zip file.


The main differences between Star and Sky seem to be in the scoring as shown in the screenshots. Are there any other subtle changes in gameplay between the two? Which came first? And how about any easter eggs? We played this over and over again as kids and didn't notice anything unusual ever happening.


Today it's a simple game of course, but back then it was a sophisticated action game. Trailblazing even!


Star Blazer (4a_000000000.png

Sky Blazer (4am_000000000.png

Star Blazer & Sky Blazer.zip

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'Twas also available for the Vic-20 and MSX.


What a phenomenal game. Still one of my absolute favorites after all these years, even though I've never been particularly good at it. It's innovative as all hell, especially considering when it was developed! And fun. I can always go back to it, despite the hefty challenge.


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I remember one of the cool moments was "positioning the tank" just so, by by chasing it forward and letting it fall back. And then letting the parachute package crash into it!


Another was goading the SAMs into blowing up the blue bombers. I seem to remember, but don't recall exactly, doing the same to the HEADQUARTERS. To a kid this was heady stuff, just by circumstance of being somewhere the game outcome was altered.

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