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Windows Reboot Email Alert


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Those who have run a BBS on Altirra are very familiar with the occasional restart after a Windows update.  If your Windows box has a single user account that automatically logs in after a reboot, then it is possible to create an event that automatically restarts your BBS. Unfortunately, I run two BBSs on the same machine.  This means each BBS needs to be in their own account since each instance of Altirra saves its profile to the Windows registry.  Therefore, creating an automatic restart of both my BBSs is not trivial.  After a Windows restart, my BBSs will be down until I manually restart them.  To help speed up the process of restarting my BBSs, I created an event that sends me an email when my Windows box restarts.  I figured this might be helpful to some other SysOps, so I wrote the attached tutorial that explains how I created this email alert.   Let me know if you questions on the document.

You can read the tutorial at the following link:



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