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From what I am reading, "yes", with scarequotes.


It has a form of MS Basic on it, but not a lot of memory free afterward.  No storage medium to save the programs to. The system bombed bigtime at market, and never got peripherals. 


I do not know if there is an enthusiast support group or not-- If so, it would be your only real bet at getting it into an actually useful microcomputer state.



In theory, yes, you could learn MS BASIC with it.  That would teach you about loops, conditionals, operators, and other components of writing software. There might be some modest crossover with MS VisualBasic (and its variations in .net) that might be somewhat useful today.


I would suggest a different micro to do that with though. Say, A C64.

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The Aquarius could store to tape but the tape cable has a different pinout than the similar 5-pin tape connector for the TRS-80. How well equipped is the Aquarius? To do something beyond the absolute simplest BASIC program requires memory expansion and those will be very difficult to find these days. There are websites that show how to make the various cables for the Aquarius like the cassette cable and a cable to connect the Aquarius printer port to a PC serial port.


The Aquarius keyboard is better than the T/S 1000 keyboard. Both are about equally useful when memory expansion is added. The problem is getting the Aquarius to the point of achieving mediocrity is going to prove much more difficult than with nearly any other system sold in the US. 

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The Aquarius came built-in with a full 8k Microsoft BASIC.  Limitations might be how comfortable its keyboard might be for typing.  If the default RAM isn't enough it can be expanded.


Here's the pinout for the cassette interface.



So yes, in the early 1980s you could learn BASIC programming on an Aquarius.  If you want to learn coding today I'd start with something modern.

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