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Backwards Compatibilty Expanded w/ Activision IP Aquistion?


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Has any word been put forth to expand backwards compatibly now with the acquisition of Activision IP?


I know they stated earlier they did all they could with existing licenses and what they have is probably it. But now?!?!


I am not familiar with the catalog of all original XBOX and 360 licenses owned by Activison and its subsidiaries, but I suspect it would make a dent.


I personally have a huge physical library of XBOX/XBOX 360 games that I would love to play in HD.



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OMG, I just realized that the godly Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven on Xbox was published by ACTIVISION.

I have yearned to play this game on the Xbox 360/Xbox One (with a proper gamepad since the original Xbox controller was not ideal for using the grappling hook with its odd black and white button placement) for nearly a decade.

I wish and hope that this becomes somehow becomes playable via BC.


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