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See SCCAN at City of STEM festival, April 2


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Happy Presidents' Day, C= and Ami aficionados!

The Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network will have a table or tables at the festival, "the City of STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Saturday, April 2, at the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, CA. We will have an Ultimate 64 and the Amiga 500/Vampire 500 on exhibit. If there is room, we will include a VIC-20 and another Amiga (possibly the CD32).

You are all invited to this free event!

See below,
Robert Bernardo
Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network -


Subject: Possible partnerships for City of STEM
From: "City of STEM" <info(at)cityofstem.org>
Date: Wed, February 16, 2022 12:37 pm
To: laura(at)sharedsciencefun.org

Hello everyone! On the City of STEM registration there was a question about possibly partnering up with another booth and all of you indicated that you would be interested. This is my informal way of introducing all of you to see if there is anyone here you want to connect with. There are still 2 weeks left to register so there may be more coming. Having a partner is totally optional but we do like to bring our STEM community together. Some reasons for forming a partnership could be simply to cover each other during lunch breaks or it could be to collaborate for a booth activity. For example, I looked on Adesso's website and saw that you have technology products ... is there some way you could demonstrate the technology if you partner up with one of the robotics organizations? Just throwing that out there ... I don't know if it's feasible.

The info below is from the registration form and I included what you said you would be doing at your booths. I know some of you didn't have a firm plan yet which is totally okay.

Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Let me know if I can help with anything. If anyone does decide to partner up, let me know so I can place your booths next to each other.



Robert Bernardo/Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network

*Main Contact *Email

Robert Bernardo rbernardo(at)iglou.com

*STEM Domain

*Booth Information

Guests will have a hands-on experience with the Commodore 8-bit computers from the 1980's and Amiga computers from the 1990's and their program
applications. They will realize how classic computers were the basis of the newest computers, cell phones, the Internet, and more.

Thank you,
Laura Brim
The City of STEM Team

Visit https://www.cityofstem.org for more information.

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Hi, C= and Ami comrades,



Just a few days to go! The City of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) festival is this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Columbia Memorial Space Center, 12400 Columbia Way in Downey. (The event is along Congressman Steve Horn Way.) Up to 10,000 attendees are expected! https://cityofstem.org


To be exact, the tables for the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network are at booth #71 in the northwest corner of the grounds, just south of the food trucks for the exhibitors. Unload time is set for 7 a.m., and everything must be ready to go by 9:45.  Below is a map of the grounds and a partial list of the exhibitors.


Because of a short 15-minute unload time, I might be showing just one Commodore system (an Ultimate 64) and one Amiga system (A1200 ‘060 instead of the two-monitored Amiga 500/Vampire 500) on the 2 provided tables. (A SX-64 without an external monitor would quick and easy to set up, if I decide on a third system.)



Robert Bernardo

Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network – http://www.portcommodore.com/sccan


P.S. City of STEM organizers have said that they would join with the Los Angeles Public Library for the next L.A. Maker Faire.



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