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Low Cost Fujinet v1.6 - Includes USB and Coleco Adam hardware components


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Unit received and up and running.

Thank you masteries for your rapid and helpful after sales support helping me through a technical issue on my Windows PC that initially prevented me from flashing the unit for ADAM.

I recommend this to other ADAM users.


The unit came flashed with Atari setup so in order to flash it for my ADAM, first I had to install the CH341 USB to COM port driver on my Windows PC which I found with a quick search. This is required because the flash tool expects to upload via a COM port so we use this driver to map a COM port to the USB port on the PC. Use of a good USB cable is very important, initially I used a cheaper charging cable which did not have the data lines and whereas I could use the cable for the ATARI to power the Fujinet as it  had power and ground wires, it didnt have the data lines needed to bidirectionally communicate with  the unit.  Just avoid the cheaper charging-only cables and you will be good to go.



 It took less than a minute to download and less than a minute to install the driver in Windows.

Connecting the Fujinet via USB to the PC then it was no other step to configure the PORT, and to verify on Device Manager, it now appeared as a COM port ready to flash.

Instructions are provided with your unit to change jumpers on the unit between Atari and ADAM


I then downloaded the flash tool via the link also provided with the unit and it was a simple process to run it and flash



Maybe less than 5 minutes for the flash, maybe less than 10 minutes end to end process from out of the box to up and running. ( I only took longer due to the cheap charging cable I was using but with a good one, its a painless process)







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