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Looking for Joust source code or disassembly for new port


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Hi Everyone

I am looking for any source code or disassembly for either the ColecoVision or MSX (preferred because the sound effects are ready for the 9919 sound chip) platforms for Joust. This is for a new port I would like to do on the TI99/4A. I have a small amount of code written now. I would like to avoid discovering all the graphics, different screens, and some of the more subtle game play items along the way. This would greatly speed up the port/development (obviously ? ). Any information people can supply would be greatly appreciated.




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I've had a disassembly for a while because eventually I'd like to understand the thing to make another game using the flap flight physics. It's a checked disassembly (using my asmx assembler), and recently I even put in ascii-art versions of most of the graphics.



EDIT: if you want me to try disassembling the MSX version, point me to a binary. I've been working on a disassembler lately and need more stuff to disassemble!

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