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54 minutes ago, Baldrick said:


That 80 column card in your IIe is just that.  80 columns only.  

If you want to run most IIe software that requires 128K you'll need a 64K 80 column card like this:





Please excuse my ignorance (I am still learning things about Apple II hardware), but what is it about the 80 Column card that came with the IIe, that prevents 128k software from working? Does the 80 column card borrow 64k from the machine to help itself function, while the card you suggested has its own built-in memory, leaving the base 128k alone?

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The //e has 64K onboard. And to get 128K you need to add another 64K. Typically the two features, 80-column and 64K additional RAM, are combined in one card.


Additionally, the 64K/80-Column combo cards provides double hires graphics too!


The card shown in your pic is just the 80-column. No additional memory. No DHGR. I don't know why they even made those, aside from the cost of ram being still expensive..

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I agree with Keatah there.  Get an Extended 80 Column card (64K) along with the "Apple IIe Enhancement Kit".  This will allow you to run any software designed for a 128K Apple IIe/c.  The first link describes the kit and how to identify if your Apple IIe has one pre-installed.





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