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C Projects in Emulator


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Hi @CyranoJ first of all thank you and your teammates for the effort you have all put into making Jag development accessible to newbies such as myself.  This is going to be a great jumping off point to get familiar with the hardware and play around with it.


I am just posting though to see if the C projects are expected to be working in Virtual Jaguar?  I have no issues running the Basic projects included with JagStudio in the emulator, however none of the C projects are working - just a black screen and it seems just a STOP command on the OP.



However the C examples are working on real hardware via JagGD.



I apologize in advance if this has already been covered.  Just hoping to accelerate the process by way of emulator, as my current setup has my jag and my dev workstation console in different rooms in the house and its a bit painful trying to juggle back and forth.


Thanks again!

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Thanks for the quick reply!


Yeah that was odd, after deleting everything and unpacking JS again, everything is working perfectly with C projects in emulator and on hardware.


The built-in sprite handling looks quite well thought out, will be playing around a lot more with this!


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