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Sacred Line II (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive)


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Sacred Line II is a brand new adventure game being made exclusively for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, which serves as both a sequel and a prequel to Sacred Line Genesis.

It follows the story of Sarah, a girl with a troubled past, who was kidnapped by the religious cult Svete Namjere ("Holy Intentions"). She dies after being attacked by one of the cult members, but then comes back to the world of the living aided by a mysterious force. Set in the year 1999 of an alternate reality world, where Yugoslavia still exists, she tries to keep it from crumbling.
The game is about 2-3 times bigger than Sacred Line Genesis, featuring more exploration options, puzzles and battles.

Status: 95% Complete
Finished game date: March 2022
Official page: http://sashadarko.com/sacred-line-ii/

As for the cartridge release: there's a publisher who is interested in releasing the game on cartridges, but it all depends on me providing a satisfiable product.

There are two special options available for a limited time for people who wish to support the game financially and become a part of it. You will get a beta version of the game before its release after the and you will get a full version once it's finished, along with the soundtrack.

One of these two options is to become a Founder of the game, your name will be mentioned in the Credits as a significant person who helped make it happen and you will also get a separate version with your name being featured in the game main menu.

There's also an option to get your own personal DLC Game with a Survivor story where you are the hero inside the game world, featuring your own adventure. It will be finished in 21 days after the order and you will get a full game with an unique script having over 10.000+ characters, 10+ new graphics scenes and a new soundtrack (with at least three music tracks).
More info on the game page: http://sashadarko.com/sacred-line-ii/


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