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Breakout clone (65C02 / TMS9918A)


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Just started working on a breakout clone for my homebrew 65C02 build. Mainly to have a go at working in Graphics II mode beyond simple demos:




All source code (65C02 assembly) is available: https://github.com/visrealm/hbc-56/tree/master/code/6502/breakout


Edit: The video is a little washed-out. It does look better in the flesh. Here's a screengrab from by emulator:



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Previously, my web-based emulator ran BASIC by default and you could drag ROM images into it. I've just added support from loading server-side ROMS, so now you can try it yourself:




A couple of limitations:

  1. Audio doesn't work in the web-based emulator.
  2. You will need a keyboard.

It's all very BETA. #worksforme


Have at it.


Oh, I've also cleaned up the code: https://github.com/visrealm/hbc-56/tree/master/code/6502/breakout

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7 hours ago, gorgh said:

very interesting, I would like to write small article about this hardware, where one could get to know this machine better?

Thanks. The two main sources of information would be


GitHub https://github.com/visrealm/hbc-56


and Hackaday  https://hackaday.io/project/180904-hbc-56-6502-tms9918-on-a-backplane


There are schematics on github and all of the 6502 software is there. Also the emulator (with source code) which can be run on a desktop or browser. 


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