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Winter 2022 Pre-Order Games Status Thread


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This thread will provide status updates of all the new games that were made available for pre-order in the AtariAge Store at the very end of 2021.  Production on everything is moving along, and I have already received many items.  If you want to be notified when there are updates to this thread, please subscribe to it!


Atari 2600/5200/7800 Games


As the boxes, manuals, and labels for the 2600/5200/7800 games are all the same size, those items are all printed together.  Here's the status of everything:

  • Boxes - In the printer's hands, I will have an estimate soon of how long it will take to complete production.
  • Labels - Labels are now in production, I will have them fairly soon!  Once they arrive, I'll be able to finish testing and labeling of all the 2600, 5200, and 7800 games.
  • Manuals - Received the second batch of proofs a week ago, had to revise a few manuals.  Just waiting on a revision for one more manual, then these will go into production.  Turnaround is pretty quick for these, although it is a very large order and may ship by freight (and entire pallet of manuals!)
  • Posters - I already have posters for RobotWar:2684, but decided to print posters for Soul of the Beast and Lady Bug Arcade as well!  Posters for both games have arrived and they both look amazing!
  • Overlays - Since Intellidiscs (for the 5200) takes advantage of the numeric keypad on the 5200 controller, we decided to create an overlay for the game.  This is the first time we've created overlays for a 5200 game!  The overlay shave already arrived and look great!  I plan on including two copies of the overlay with each game, stored on the back of the cartridge, same as Atari did with their releases!

I already have the boxes, manuals, labels, and posters for RobotWar:2684, as I had these printed last fall so @johnnywc could have copies of the game to sell at the Music City Multi Con in Nashville last fall.  I also have the manuals for Dragon's Descent (7800), as those were printed with the RobotWar:2684 manuals since the design for the Dragon's Descent manual was already complete at the time.  They all look fantastic!


I am having manuals and labels printed for many older games alongside the new games, which will increase the quality of these items for everything I'm having printed.  I've gradually been doing this when I place large orders of manuals and labels so I have to print fewer of these items myself, which is an added benefit, as that saves me time when producing games.  Oh yeah, the boxes, manuals and labels for Popeye (Atari 7800) are also being printed now.  :)


Atari Jaguar Games (Gravitic Mines and Dr. Typo Collection)


Everything is in production for these two games:

  • Boxes have been at the printers for a while now.  Unfortunately, the first run of boxes had several issues when run on their digital press, so the printer has agreed to re-run the entire job on an offset press, which will result in better quality boxes.  Hope to have these in a few weeks. 
  • The labels for Gravitic Mines and Dr. Typo Collection have arrived and they look great!  I've posted a photo further down in the thread.
  • Manuals arrived yesterday!  They look great!  These are the largest Jaguar manuals we've done so far -- both manuals are a whopping 36 pages long!  Defender of the Crown previously held this title with a manual weighing in at 32 pages, and I thought that was big!
  • Keyboard overlays for Gravitic Mines have arrived!  This is the first Jaguar game we've created overlays for.

Gravitic Mines Deluxe Edition


Many extra items that are being produced for the Deluxe Edition of Gravitic Mines.  Here's a list of the items and their current status:

  • 18" x 24" Poster - Printed and received.  Looks great!  I will be framing one of these for sure.  :)
  • Poster tubes for shipping posters - On-hand.  These posters are fairly large (18" x 24") and will be shipped separately in a tube to everyone who ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game.
  • Bags to put posters in before they go into tubes - On-hand.  Since I will be shipping a lot of posters, I wanted to make sure they are well-protected during shipping.  I've seen companies use bags before to protect the poster in the tube, so I'm giving that a try for the Gravitic Mines posters. 
  • Soundtrack CD - Manufactured and received, looks and sounds great!
  • Stickers - Printed and received.  
  • Magnets - Printed and received (these are a bonus item, not even listed on the store page).
  • Embroidered Baseball Cap - In production and I should have in a week or two at most.
  • Embroidered 3" Patch - In production, should have these soon.  Will post a photo of the proof below.
  • Keychains - Manufactured and received.
  • Reboot Coins - Have had these for a while and they look and feel fantastic.  I need to get some AtariAge coins like this!
  • Jaguar Pro Controller Box - The design for this will be worked on next week and those will go into production as quickly as possible.  I will also offer these boxes as an optional purchase for those buying the Jaguar Pro Controller separately in the store.
  • Deluxe Edition Box - Although not mentioned on the store page, I am exploring having a really nice box printed for this that will contain the regular Gravitic Mines box, as well as all the extras, with a divider between the game and the other items to protect the game box.  Once we have a box designed and have committed to producing it, I will put renders up on the store page.  We haven't done a large, custom box like this before, so it should be fun!

Cartridge Production


I'm knee deep in building all the new games so I can get them out quickly once I have everything.  I assume the boxes will arrive last, and by the time they do arrive I should have all the physical games built, tested, and labeled.  I have everything I need to complete production of games (circuit boards, various chips and other parts, and cartridge shells).  It'll be quick work to box all the games before getting everything shipped.


That's all for now, subsequent posts by me in this thread will contain images of various items as they arrive (and I already have a bunch of photos to post!)  I will continue to post updates as more items arrive!  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



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11 minutes ago, sramirez2008 said:

Looking forward to the updates.  Thanks for all you do Al! ?

I probably won't get the photos posted tonight, but will definitely get them posted here tomorrow, then I'll link this thread from the store entries and the individual threads for each game on the forum so more people will see this thread. 



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Here's the photos I promised!  You can click on any of these for a larger view.


Label proofs I received yesterday:










Manual proofs (for new games) received a few days ago:






Posters for Lady Bug Arcade and Soul of the Beast:







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Here are photos of items for the two Jaguar games, Gravitic Mines and Dr. Typo Collection:


Label Proofs:




Manual Proofs:




Printed manuals for both games:



Extra items for the Deluxe Edition of Gravitic Mines








Gravitic Mines magnet:




Pilot ID cards:




Reboot Coins:










Soundtrack CD:






18" x 24" Gravitic Mines Poster:




Proof of Gravitic Mines 3" Patch:




That's all for now!  :D




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On 3/3/2022 at 5:47 PM, Albert said:

I have everything I need to complete production of games (circuit boards, various chips and other parts, and cartridge shells).  It'll be quick work to box all the games before getting everything shipped.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

How is production of the new 2600 cartridge shells coming along?

2 hours ago, D Train said:

@Albert are the coins plastic or aluminum?  Thx!

2 hours ago, Albert said:

They are metal and pretty heavy, so I don't think they are aluminum. I can find out they are made of. 

Depleted uranium?

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1 minute ago, Nathan Strum said:

How is production of the new 2600 cartridge shells coming along?

Waiting on another round of professionally printed 3D prototype shells, hope to have those soon (we've gone through a few rounds already).  Making good progress!  I'll post photos of these latest prototypes once I have them.


Depleted uranium?

LOL, I hope not.


I have an answer on what the coins are made from, it's a mixture of brass and iron.



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