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Using SaveKey for save points for longer 7800 games?


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Just recently became aware of the SaveKey external memory card for the 7800. What a fantastic concept! Imagine how useful this could have been for games like "Midnight Mutants" for example.


Curious to know if any developers have used this specifically for save points in any homebrew games, and what your experience was in doing so. 

Also, is the SaveKey compatible with games created using 7800basic? 


Thanks very much in advance!




"The SaveKey contains 32K of non-volatile memory which can be used as a memory card. Games can take advantage of the SaveKey to store high scores, game settings, save points, and more. The flash memory will retain data without power for 200+ years."

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Trebor beat me to it.


As for save points, I use it for that in Spire of the Ancients (though there are only a handful of spots to save in the available builds). 7800basic lets you easily save 25 bytes of data and I use all 25 bytes for various things including a checkpoint ID, and then from that ID I can get the map, location within the map, and direction the player should be facing when the game loads.


I'm kind of assuming people with play Spire of the Ancients with an AtariVox / Savekey, but I've included a 50 character password for those without (and the values are scrambled so it's harder to cheat).

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I make a point of supporting SaveKey (and AtariVox saving) where feasible.


EXO supports SaveKey for saving progress and all of your cinematics and unlocks (3 save slots are provided and can be managed from within the game)


I support savekey for other games for highscore (2048, Keystone Kapers Demo).

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