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Homebrew - Joystick and Keyboard Tester


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I am working on a Test Cart for joysticks and keypads to help with the development of one of my projects.  

On the splash screen press SELECT to start the test.



It will read the state of DIFFICULTY switches being A for joystick and B for keyboard and enter one of the following modes.


Left: Joystick, Right: Joystick



Left: Joystick, Right: Keyboard



Left: Keyboard, Right: Joystick



Left: Keyboard, Right: Keyboard



It can test joysticks with omega booster. The button state is show using 2 methods:
- The score counter shows the logic state of the TIA inputs (1/0) in the following order:


- The second method is graphical and consider the fire button active low while the thumb and trigger buttons are active high.



The keyboard is straightforward.


The program runs nicely on Stella, but I would appreciate if somebody with a programmable cart can test it on the real hardware, before I burn a ROM.

Both the binary and the source code are attached.

Note: I have used the keyread.asm routine by CurtisP from a post from 2009, but it was necessary to modify the code to return all the SWCHA bits to 1 after reading the last row, otherwise the right joystick kept stuck to the right position.

keypad_store SUBROUTINE
   LDX #%11111111  ; set all SWCHA bits back to 1 
   STX SWCHA       ;
   STA keypads
   ORA keypads
   STA keypads





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added missin file on zip
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