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H.E.RO. SG 1000 (H.E.R.O. Hack)


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H.E.RO. SG 1000


Some features implemented from SEGA's SG-1000 version to the 2600. The helicopter backpack leaves to make room for the jetpack and the miners open their eyes when they are rescued. The novelty and the double dynamite to be detonated. Spiders and bats have undergone subtle changes. Have a good time.

Captura de tela_2022-03-05_22-58-38.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-05_22-58-53.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-05_22-54-09.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-06_00-49-46.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-06_01-06-46.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-06_00-49-03.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-06_00-49-31.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-06_00-52-29.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-06_00-50-41.png

Captura de tela_2022-03-06_00-51-46.png

H.E.R.O. SG-1000 (H.E.R.O. Hack) (2022) (Alfredtdk).bin

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I like the changes a lot!


Even better is the gameplay is the same, Ive played a couple H.E.R.O. hacks where the main characters height was altered


this made a lot of the tougher sections of the game even harder, which I guess can be fun too.


Congrats on this hack ?

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3 hours ago, alfredtdk said:

H.E.RO. SG 1000 V.FINAL (NTSC version)



Modifications completed, I will consider this the final version. New sprites and colors, which brings it closer to the SEGA SG-1000 version.

Just tested the NTSC ROM and it looks great!  Thanks for the updates.


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