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HSC19 (2022) R4: POOYAN + E.T. Bonus

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For the record, I tried E.T. again. After a while it shifted from the start screen to the map, but then everything went grey and froze. I tried a couple different versions and a few attempts but something with my 130XE acts up and I could not bother trying something else so I'll skip this bonus game.


Also I didn't improve on Pooyan, so I'll settle with my miniscule score in this round.

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Reminder this round closes tonight (21st March) at 10pm UK time, if anyone wants a couple of extra days please post. Not sure where everyone has disappeared to but here are the latest tables. If you only have the original Pooyan that is fine to play just don't use the extra lives after the initial 5 have been used! The new "no extra lives" version makes the game more enjoyable for the top players as otherwise the game takes too long to play and does not get any harder (see previous HSC plays).


Votes still needed in the R5 Poll, it's a two way tie!


latest tables


1st         Deteacher                    541,400      13pts #
2nd        Caco                             197,700         11pts
3rd         therealbountybob          168,900         10pts
4th         McKong                        150,000         9pts (score estimated - any news McK?!)
5th         devwebcl                      126,700         9pts
6th         AtariSphinx                   107,600         8pts
7th         8BIT 1337                    106,250         7pts
8th         MichaG                          91,750         6pts
9th         graywest                       86,450         5pts
10th         MagicMarc-er              68,500         4pts
11th         carlsson                      53,100         3pts
12th         chevymad                  52,050         3pts $
13th         RedThunder                36,400         2pts

#NTSC bonus point

$extra bonus point for setting up his 400 system :cool:



play on any level you wish

1st         graywest              126,990 4pts
2nd         MichaG                  112,327 3pts
3rd         AtariSphinx             100,789 2pts
4th         therealbountybob   100,000 1pt
5th         Deteacher              90,200 1pt
6th         8BIT 1337             87,561 1pt
7th         littleman jack         52,461 1pt
8th         RedThunder           51,298 1pt
9th         McKong                 50,000 1pt
10th       littleman jr             30,000 1pt



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I'm not around for a few days and the poll is tied (please vote manually on poll thread if you haven't voted already)  so let's have a small extension to this round, both games offer more play - try E.T. on level 9 it's not too difficult - thing to note is when you take pieces to the house (green square) E.T.'s heart is red for good or blue for incorrect pieces.


Round will end later this week!!

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ET: 112435 (level 2)


Gave this one another go.   Until this week had never played an ET game (8bit or 2600).  After playing this one and even the 2600 version (the 8bit verion is better), can definitely say it's not the worst game.  In fact there is fun to be had for a quick pick up game in both versions.  Also tried level 6 and got all 10 pieces but failed to get ET home.


 Like that the HSC introduces games that would never play on our own.   Looking forward to those shooters game (s) in the poll which I have never played!


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On 3/23/2022 at 4:27 AM, jblenkle said:

E.T. - 109,975

I thought after you sent E.T. home the first time the game continued

at a harder level, but I guess not.


Yes it ends with the bonus for time remaining - I've completed level 9 and satisfyingly E.T. has been rescued! Not too hard.


Improved on Pooyan to 203,950


New round starts tomorrow evening (FRI 25th) sorry for the delay but work and girlfriend to blame as usual :-D


ET 126382.jpg

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littleman jr. raised his score to 50,000 for five pieces on Level 9.

I, littleman jack, also tried Level 9 and could only muster 50,000 as well (2,461 less than my previous score).

Level 9 is definitely harder with there being more pieces and more, or faster, bad guys. And I think it's harder for me due to my colorblindness as well. I think the lower levels don't have as many colors, so I didn't have to worry about having the right color as much.



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E.T.'s Gone home, pooyan is stuck up a tree and it's the end of the round at last!


Congratulations to Deteacher for a comprehensive win on Pooyan with McKong putting in a decent effort for 2nd place. E.T. was not so bad afterall,I thought it was a bit too easy as the baddies didn't seem to do much, possibly a game for the little uns ? Glad we have a challenging Pooyan with the no lives, previous plays a few players got to 1m points and must have been suffering!


Thanks for playing EVERYONE , will start up round 5 after my dinnner :P


final tables


1st     Deteacher                541,400    13pts #
  2nd   McKong                     302,800  11pts
  3rd   therealbountybob        203,950  10pts
  4th   Caco                          197,700  9pts
  5th   Fres                           127,800  9pts
  6th   devwebcl                   126,700  8pts
  7th   AtariSphinx                 107,600  8pts

  8th   8BIT 1337                  106,250  7pts
  9th   jblenkle                       105,100  7pts

 10th  MichaG                        91,750  6pts
 11th   graywest                    86,450  6pts
 12th   MagicMarc-er              68,500  5pts
 13th   carlsson                      53,100  4pts
 14th   chevymad                   52,050  4pts $
 15th   RedThunder                 36,400  2pts
 16th   thank you                   26,600  2pts

#NTSC bonus point

$extra bonus point for setting up his 400 system :cool:



  1st   therealbountybob       126,382     4pts
  2nd   AtariSphinx                   112,435     3pts
  3rd   MichaG                         112,327     3ots
  4th   jblenkle                        109,975     2pts
  5th   Deteacher                     90,200     1pt
  6th   8BIT 1337                     87,561     1pt
  7th   littleman jack                 52,461     1pt
  8th   RedThunder                   51,298     1pt
  9th   McKong                         50,000     1pt
 10th   littleman jr                    50,000     1pt :thumbsup:
 11th   Fres                             40,000     1pt

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